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    GPZ Bearing China, one of the biggest bearings manufacturer, producer and supplier in the North of China, designs and produces Metre & Inch- Taper roller bearingsPillow blocks bearingsDeep groove ball bearing, and other kinds of ball & roller bearingsspherical roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearingself-aligning ball bearingneedle roller bearingangular contact ball bearingthrust ball bearingwheel hub bearing, universal joint, Our series of trademark for bearings were registered as GPZ. Our production plant have strictly Quality Control Systems and our China GPZ has won good market in Southeast Asia,Southern America and Eastern European countries,China GPZ Bearings are favored by every client of all over the world. 

    After the technological transformation,We have advanced technology and equipment in manufacturing different kinds of bearings. We build up our expertise in making quality bearings, systematically, uncompromisingly and precisely over the years.The annual capability output is estimated for USD eight million and tax is nearly USD 800 thousand .We believe our company would get better in the future!

    Through the continuous efforts of our staff, as well as the support of our clients and partners, China GPZ bearings are getting better and better reputation and belief of domestic and oversea customers.China GPZ product will go out of the gateway of our country to the world.we hope that more foreign businessman and domestic colleagues consult us the business and close cooperation.